Osteoposter - Dermatomi Gambe

Osteoposter - leg dermatomes

Osteoposter, The Anatomical Tables for the most demanding Osteopaths - useful for the profession and for teaching

All posters are in 50x70cm format

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Osteoposter: The Didactic Tables for the most demanding Osteopath

Osteoposter arises from the training and clinical experience of physiotherapists and osteopaths.

These tables will help the osteopathic student during the training years as a valid teaching aid and will be a useful reminder for the already established osteopath, helping him during the diagnosis.

This Osteoposter is made up of two tables representing the leg dermatomes

A formative look for the patient

The Osteoposter Didactic Tables can be useful to show the patient exactly what is being worked on, reassuring him and dispelling doubts if there were any.

Osteoposters are color plates measuring 50x70 cm.

Why buy Osteoposter online

To help the osteopath in explaining to patients, for educational use in lectures to students or to furnish your office with a one-of-a-kind poster.

What are Osteoposter and what do they represent

  • The territories of innervation of the skin (dermatomes)
  • The territories of innervation of the periosteum (sclerotomes)
  • The territories of innervation of the muscles (myotomes)
  • The territories of irradiation of the interspinous ligaments
  • The territories of innervation of the internal organs (Viscerotomes)
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