Dermatomes - The anatomical tables for the most demanding osteopaths

The dermatome is the skin region innervated by a single posterior spinal root (sensory root) of a spinal nerve.

Since there is little overlap between the dermatomes, the entire body surface can be schematically mapped for its own sensory reference at the level of the spinal cord.

There are as many spinal nerves as there are grooves between the vertebrae, resulting in 31 spinal segments.

We have four large groups of spinal segments: there are 8 cervical nerves C (1-8), where C1 is an exception because it does not have a dermatome), 12 thoracic nerves T (1-12), 5 lumbar nerves L (1 -5), 5 sacral nerves S (1-5) and one coccygeal.

Each of these nerves transmits sensations (including pain) from a specific region of the skin to the brain.

A single spinal segment innervates a certain region of the skin thanks to the right and left nerve.

The region innervated by the single segment takes the name of dermatome.

Thanks to these brand new anatomical tables designed by an osteopath for osteopaths it is possible to quickly visualize the dermatomes of the human body.

Born from the training and clinical experience of physiotherapists and osteopaths, these posters allow you to view the innervation territories of the skin regions

Osteoposter Dermatomes for students

Students will appreciate the osteoposter on dermatomes for the immediacy of the information that can be found, the vertebra on which it is innervated is associated with each skin region, in order to provide the territory on which to work very quickly.

Osteoposter Dermatomes for osteopaths

Osteopaths find in osteoposter on dermatomes a very useful reminder during the course of their professional activity, and an invaluable aid in communicating with patients, to quickly provide explanations about their pathology and related therapy.

How are osteoposters made on dermatomes?

Osteoposter on dermatomes are made in 50x70cm format, horizontally or vertically, in wear and moisture resistant roller material.

On request they are also available in forex.

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