What are Osteoposter?

Thanks to these brand new anatomical tables designed by an osteopath for osteopaths it is possible to quickly visualize the innervation territories of the various anatomical districts.

Osteoposter for students

Students will appreciate the osteoposter for the immediacy of the information that can be found, the vertebra on which it is innervated is associated to each anatomical region, in order to provide the territory on which to work very quickly.

Osteoposter for Osteopaths

Osteopaths find in osteoposter a very useful reminder during the performance of their professional activity, and a very precious aid in communicating with patients, to quickly provide explanations about their pathology and related therapy.

What do Osteoposters depict?

  • The territories of innervation of the skin (Dermatomes)
  • The territories of innervation of the periosteum (Sclerotomes)
  • The territories of innervation of the muscles (Myotomes)
  • The territories of innervation of the interspinous ligaments
  • The innervation territories of the internal organs (Viscerotomes)

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